This is the second demo post

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It can all be done right here, artwork photos, videos, streaming audio, virtually anything You can think of installing on a website, right here in this space. Yep.  Below here is an old archived poster design of one of our shows from years past.   ~R.

Hey, it’s after midnight now on Sept. 19th and I’ve located the “Distraction Free Writing Mode”  tool in the post editing toolbar.  It opens up the entire computer screen for typing, pasting in etc.  Hover the mouse over the top bar to regain the controls.

Just to see how it looks  I’m pasting in a full 8×1/2×11″ graphic from my posters page, not using any alignment tags, just copy & pasting it in this distraction free window, not adding any “media” or using any of the tools for doing this.  How’s it look? ~R.

One thought on “This is the second demo post”

  1. **NOTE*** It looks great! It’s at the bottom of the text on this page (duh.) Apparently if the graphic is larger than the space allotted here it just fills up the space, no need to center it or align it. If I can remember that it should save me some time. ~R.

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