EMILY KATE BOYD album release show with Jeff Joyner & friends. Thursday June 18th, 8pm. @ Barking Legs Theater

Here’s two potential song hits from Emily Kate Boyd’s new album
“In the Woods” – picked by Robin Merritt, ArtFRONT Presentations 

Dust and Delirium,   O Sweet River

Chattanooga’s own Americana rock, folk, blues and country music singer songwriter Emily Kate Boyd is a poet and storyteller who makes live performance an original and heartfelt experience.  Emily has shared stages with Clay Cook (of Zac Brown Band,) Shawn Mullins and many more. Her rich, bluesy voice is somewhat reminiscent of Laura Marling though many associate her style with artists like Bonnie Raitt. Best served in an ideal listening room environment such as Chattanooga’s Barking Legs Theater, Emily brings a passion and energy that deeply connects with her audience.

“Standout performer” – Atlanta Music Guide

“there is a mature, thought-provoking singer-songwriter at work here…. all incredibly good songs that push the limits of singer-songwriter artistry.”
– Maverick Magazine UK

“Chattanooga native Emily Kate Boyd creates music with ties to the histories of country, blues and folk music—but even those genres seem to bend and twist around her gorgeous melodies.” – Nooga.com

Songs streaming from the new album “In the Woods”

Some videos, tour dates and latest news from the road

Concert preview & observations
by Robin Merritt, ArtFRONT Presentations;
An engaging performer since her early soloist days, Emily Kate Boyd is one of the top-level artists to come out of our region in recent years. This is a homecoming show of sorts for Emily. She’s back from a collaborative, inspirational odyssey to Argentina where she collected a top notch backing band whom she brings along with her on her U.S. tour. Emily Kate Boyd has the ambition to create her own international tour as well as a record label ARCA, headquartered in Atlanta. She will be stepping out into the light with the Argentinian rock band “Dead Berlin” as her backing musical foundation for this unusual series of dates.
I’ve seen performers with this level of clear headed organization quickly rise to the top of their genre. After hearing an exceptionally impressive live interview with WUTC’s Richard Winham in April I’m anticipating one of those stellar performances that You, an audience member who is privy to the top notch, breaking talent ArtFRONT Presentations concerts specializes in will once again experience when You secure your tickets to this up front and intimate performance.
Don’t miss this one. It’s of the last must see indoor concerts before a hot summer festival season. And Barking Legs Theater is newly outfitted to become perhaps the best sounding small venue in the southeast. You can cool off under the air conditioning and sip a cool beverage and catch up with like minded music lovers while getting into the great mood that Emily Kate’s smooth and positive delivery manifests. Her impressive tour schedule is putting her on similar circuits as Jill Andrews and Angel Snow. So if you’re a fan of either of those ladies You owe it to yourself to experience Emily Kate Boyd up close with this exceptional band that she has brought all the way from Buenos Aires for our enjoyment. This is a special event with very special performers, you privileged bunch of folks You. ~R.

More bio info on this artist

In addition to her full on music career Emily received a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Georgia under the guidance of celebrated American painters Art Rosenbaum and Radcliff Bailey.

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