Birds With Fleas @ Barking Legs Theater

BIRDS WITH FLEAS live! Saturday Dec. 12th @ Barking Legs Theater with CHILHOWEE ROYAL & special guests T.B.A.

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Birds With Fleas have a new full length album and it just gets better and better the deeper You get into listening to the songs.  See their full set featuring the new album “Wider Seas” plus LOTS of special guest artists showcased by Barking Legs Theater‘s  state of the art sound  in Chattanooga’s most intimate professional concert venue.

Birds With Fleas are tremendously together and passionate at the same time onstage.   This group is one of The southeast’s up and coming top talents  so if You’ve not yet experienced their live show prepare to be dazzled .  Stay tuned for more announcements and the complete lineup for this inspiring pre-holiday event.  ~R.

Wider Seas, by Birds With Fleas

And Introducing …


“A little psychy, garage-y, grungey rock four piece from Cleveland, TN. who  love dogs and mountains and woods and you… ”  consisting of   Luke Hendershott, Cory Segars, Mike Walker & JP French.”
A new discovery of joyously upbeat rock n roll of the style that ‘ll transport listeners back to the early days of Cream,  The MC5,  or the San Francisco psychedelic rock revolution.   Putting this rockin’ band on the same bill with Birds with Fleas is like reconstructing the sound and spirit of the old Fillmore West days by contrasting  styles of complimentary and all together rapturous, uplifting rock n roll.  ~R.
Listen to some of their jams  on Reverb Nation


Will open up the show as guest soloist to ease us into the night’s festive sounds. Perhaps better known as 1/2 of the local Chattanooga duo “By Order of the Queen” with Rebekah Davis,  Beth and company have been getting LOTS of compliments on their direction and sound lately which is no surprise since her musical endeavors have been capturing people’s attention from the start.

JUST ANNOUNCED!!!  Tony Mraz Will be creating one of his popular live paintings at this event.  Tony’s intent is to capture the spirit and vitality of the music, the uniqueness of Barking Legs as a venue and the overall specialness of this almost-a-holiday event.

Tony has been on a creative roll  of late and his presence always adds to the atmosphere, which in this case is sure to be loaded with talent and passionate interchange between the musical artists and their audience  as we continue to invite  more of the music loving community to this one of a kind event.
Photos of Tony Mraz artwork © 2015 Mark A Herndon.  Prints of Tony’s live paintings will be available through  Chattanooga Live Music on Facebook.

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